JE Perfect Skirt Coating and How It Compares to Other Coating Types

JE’s revolutionary new Perfect Skirt coating is shaking up the engine-building world offering quiet engine operation with the strength of 2618 aluminum. But how does this revolutionary, new material stack up to other coatings in JE’s arsenal? The engine builder was dismayed. His customer was upset with talk of a broken engine. “It knocks like the rods are ready to fly right out of the engine,” was the clinical assessment. The engine builder knew better. The customer had insisted on 2618 forged race pistons with no knowledge that they can be noisy on cold startup. The problem was the customer didn’t trust the answer the engine builder offered. “Just wait until the engine warms up. It will quiet down and everything will be okay.” Unfortunately, the engine was already on its way back to the engine builder along with a couple of ten-penny nails.